Facebook is an eminent process that allows people to link with the world just with a few clicks of the mouse and a fast internet browser. Facebook provides ample opportunities for meeting lost friends and relatives and also for playing games and making money. The FarmVille Facebook game is an interesting online game that has various levels to complete; the aim is to reach the highest level.

Getting neighbors

This is the first and foremost point to consider carrying on with the game. The game involves convincing or persuading friends to join. In this way you gain much benefit, also by helping neighbors you can get coins and XP. Its fun getting neighbors, some gamers come to a high level and invite neighbors of the same level to join while others add neighbors by using the local celebrity ribbon.

How to become a professional FarmVille player

You should get guidance from professional FarmVille online guides how to cross the various levels and get new crops, how to harvest the crops and how to get rich faster. With crops one can choose to have a mixed harvest or just go one crop at a time. When one mixes the harvest you can get cash crops and XP crops whereas when you decide on taking one crop at a time you can grow crops that give you XP one vip168 day and on the next day you can choose those that give coins.
Collect XP in this way

This is collected according to the number of fields you have bought. Suppose you have 180 fields then each of these fields will give you 1 XP = 180 and each field that is harvested will give you 2 XP which doubles the number to 360 totaling to 540. This haul or a higher haul is possible only if you are a regular visitor to your fields. On the other hand if you visit occasionally you should choose crops that take longer to grow. If you miss the harvest window the crops will spoil.

The best method to earn money on FarmVille

It is better to buy the seeds of crops that produce good coins, pay some coins for plowing and keep little funds for expenses. One should choose crops that harvest fast, crops like super berries are those which harvest within two hours and they sell for a hundred coins.

Another way of earning coins is by visiting the farms of your neighbors and give support by weeding or filling surveys that fetch a lot of FarmVille cash. Animals like rabbits, goats, horses and ducks earn 50 coins each, so buying these animals is helpful. Trees like passion fruit, banana and pomegranate can fetch as far as 100 coins each and they are worth owning.