Which Style Is Right For Your Home? Every opening has special functionality considerations such as air and light infiltration. A specialized contractor will walk you through prioritizing your needs. When installed properly, any style will serve your needs without hassles.

Replacement windows are custom-made to order, which allows you to mix and match styles and options to tailor windows perfectly for each room of your home. To illustrate, you might choose single hung windows for the front of your home and casement or horizontal roller windows in the bedrooms to assure egress in case of emergencies.

All styles are available with impact resistant frames and glass. There are also a variety of glass color, obscurity, insulation, Low-E and grid patterns available. Each opening might have a specific need such as filtering heat gain from intense afternoon sun in one area of the house.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are a classic style that allows the bottom sash to move up and down within the frame. The top half of the window is fixed. A bottom tilt in sash is available. This traditional style is a popular choice among replacement windows.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two operable  Sash Window Repairs Kent sashes. The top and bottom sashes move up or down within the frame. The top sash can be opened for ventilation while the bottom sash remains closed.

Double hung sashes slide up and down, up instead of opening out. This can be a distinct advantage for areas that have dense landscaping near the structure. This feature is also beneficial for homes that are built close together such as coach or patio homes that have narrow walkways or limited porch and patio space.

Tilt-out upper and lower sashes are key features of double hung windows. This feature makes cleaning and inspecting weatherproofing strips and repairing caulking very simple and convenient. Some models are offered with completely removable sashes, which offer obvious advantages. Sashes can be easily replaced if damaged, rather than replacing the entire window frame.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are hinged on either the left or right side and swing out like a door. They are also available in a projected window. Casement windows allow more light to enter the window, while also providing a larger view.