Noise can be described as unwanted sounds. Someone who is exposed to noise for a long time may have serious illness on hearing sense. Noise affects our life quality, obstructs our fast reaction capabilities and our concentration. Noise may cause sleeplessness and stress.

Background noise increases year by year and influences human health in big cities. Noiseless environment provides the feelings of presence, peace, coolness and gentleness; hence a lot of people go to countryside on holidays. Considering the noise is the first step to fight against it.

Noise vs. Sound

Noise can also be described as the accumulation of so many unwanted frequencies. For instance white noise is similar to the sound in FM radios or TVs when the channel tuning was not done. White Noise is the accumulation of plenty of different frequency of signals, that’s why partially masks required sounds. Another kind of noise is the pink noise. Pink noise is similar to white noise but with stronger lower frequencies.

Lets assume that we are in listening room and a kid crying in the geluidsoverlast buren garden. If we turn on the air condition in slow mode, the kid’s cry disappears although the a. conditioner’s noise is much less then the kid. The reason for that is air condition provides white sound which can be a combination of one thousand different kids.

Imagine that two people talks in front of us. Our brain will easily perceive both of their sounds. If the third person added to talk, it will become difficult for our brain to differentiate all of them and most probably the brain will go towards one person only and will not consider the other two. Assume that another one thousand people is added to that chat. It will be impossible for brain to distinguish any individual person’s sound. The white noise of an air condition is quite similar to the sound of 1000 people. It is obvious that the kid’s cry will add one more. 1000 or 1001 does it matter for our brain, NO! That’s why the kid’s cry disappeared.

Years ago, we climbed to a mountain which was 2000 meters height. We were only two people and nobody existed around. We wanted to watch the city from distance but realized that a noise was coming from distant. We first presumed a plane or an earth quake but realised later that the noise of the city itself. When we were inside of that city, that noise was not exist even though it was such powerful that can be heard from one kilometre.