The best omega3 dietary supplement goes beyond fancy advertisements, beautiful packaging and physician endorsements; it is also not determined by the price. The ‘best’ here refers to top quality with regards to efficacy and safety to your body.

There are certain things you have to consider when looking for the best omega3; one of such things is the type of fish from which the oil is extracted. This is because some fish contain more of the fatty acids than the others. Small fish such as such as tuna, salmon and hoki are the best; they contain high amounts of DHA and EPA fatty acids

For starters, DHA and EPA are the main sources of the many benefits of omega 3; for instance, high amount of dha has been proven to alleviate brain related conditions such as Alzheimer’s, ADD, ADHD and depression.

Therefore, look for supplements that are made with oil from the fish mentioned above.

You should also make sure that the exact amounts of dha and epa are listed on the label; some companies just write the total omega-3 contained in a capsule. You should not buy any of such supplements because most of them contain higher amounts of epa because it is easier to concentrate.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that Alpilean epa is not important; however, the truth is DHA is more important. 30% 0f your brain consists of dha and it can easily be converted to epa if your body needs it, but the reverse is impossible. The best omega3 supplement should contain twice the amount of DHA than EPA; the recommended amount of DHA is 250mg per 1000mg of fish oil.

Another thing you have to consider when looking the best omega3 dietary supplement is how pure it is. Fish contain impurities because of pollutions in the oceans. If your want pure fishoil, you need to buy supplements that are molecularly distilled. This process effectively removes the impurities form the oil thereby making it safe for your body.

You now know that your priority when shopping for omega-3 supplement should be potency and safety; you will get these two things by buying a brand that is molecularly distilled and rich in dha.