One avenue available for high school football players who want to play at the college level is to consider playing football NAIA style. What exactly is the NAIA? It’s another collegiate sports sanctioning body like the NCAA. NAIA stands for the National Association Of Intercollegiate Athletics.

You won’t see football NAIA scores on ESPN or Fox Sports, but if you have ever seen this type of football played, you know the talent and competition level is very high. Many of the players แทงบอลออนไลน์ who play NAIA were also recruited by NCAA schools, but chose a NAIA school because they felt is was the better option for them.

NCAA football is divided up into three levels of competition, Division I, Division II, and Division III. NAIA schools are divided up into Division I and Division II only, but they offer athletic scholarships at the Division I and Division II level. Most of the scholarships given are partial scholarships, especially to freshmen and sophomores.

To play football NAIA style, you must have the talent, size and speed to compete. But, no matter how good you are, to get recruited you must let coaches know who you are and why you deserve a shot at being recruited by them. In short, you have to take responsibility for your recruitment to make it happen.

You need to make contact with coaches and let them know about your accomplishments on the football field and how you can help their program be successful. Coaches must be sure that you can fit in with their program and you can play football NAIA style. I can guarantee you won’t be recruited if coaches don’t know your name or who you are!

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