Corporate gifting is gaining even more importance in today’s rapidly evolving and expanding corporate world, where if used correctly, corporate gifts can often help you gain that edge over your competitors. Read our article to find out more about the various uses of corporate gifting.

Employee Gifts: As more and more companies are realizing the importance of employee recognition in today’s highly unstable professional world, the need to choose the right kind of employee gifts has never been more pressing. While employee appreciation gifts can range from small thank-you gifts to grander gifts like paid family holidays, expensive gadgets, etc, however, according to Human Resources experts, employee corporate gifts singapore gifting should be more about recognizing and appreciating employees than just giving them expensive or monetary gifts. Gifts that value the employee’s contribution serve as a source of encouragement, often motivating the employee and other members of the organisation to perform even better. Which is why, if showing genuine recognition is your aim then nothing works better than customized or thoughtful gifts. A nice customized office hero mug with the employee’s name and photo, a recognition certificate, medals, trophies, etc make for interesting employee recognition gifts. Of course, exceptionally outstanding performance can be rewarded with something more special like a newly launched tablet or mobile phone, customized wrist watch, premium desktop accessories etc.

Marketing Giveaways: Promoting your brand and company in the right way and in front of the right audience is becoming increasing important in today’s highly competitive corporate world. This is where corporate gifting plays an important role in helping you make that first good impression on prospective clients and customers. A pen, diary, card holder, notepads or any other such item when stamped with your company’s logo or with a unique marketing message, stand to capture the attention of people, without having to spend a bomb. Putting up stalls or kiosks in malls, shopping complexes and other such popular public spaces to market new launches or to directly interact with people to gain feedback is becoming more and more commonplace. A small gift here given to those people, who have taken out the time to interact with your company’s representatives, will only help them remember the brand or your product better.