Are you falling for these 3 myths about bodybuilding workouts and how to build muscle?

There is a lot of misinformation about bodybuilding workouts out there. And it’s easy to get sucked into thinking something just because everyone else does. Experts call this an information bias, when we believe something “must” be true simply because everyone else believes it is. But very seldom does this kind of information or statements hold much water when they’re looked at in detail. Let’s have a look at bodybuilding workouts myth number one.

1. “To get muscle mass you have to do low reps. To get definition, you have to do high reps”. This is incorrect! If you want to achieve more visible definition, then what you Buy sarms may want to begin with is low-medium aerobic training. Because that is something that you can do for extended periods of time and, most importantly, what will assist you burn fat the quickest. Fat is the rival of definition. To get mass, lifting light dumbbells several times will not work either. What you must do is to lift really, really heavy weights, in your strongest range of motion, for short focused periods of time.

2. “I worked out my Legs yesterday, so today I should work on my Arms, and then on Tuesday ” This is the idea of splitting your training up. There is a small dose of truth to this, as it’s wise to do some periodization. But! You can still counteract the benefits of this, if you don’t give your body a chance to fully recover every muscle group. Hence, if you train too often then hacking up your workout still doesn’t work. Because you’re taxing the rest of your body too much.