Due to the increasing career ending injuries experienced by footballers when they are on the pitch, an inquiry is being conducted on the possibility of the boots being responsible for the career ending injuries. What is being investigated is the effect of the modern blades to this injuries compared to the normal original studs that were often being used

Looking at a replay of a match between the rangers where one of Manchester United’s player Antonio Valencia wad involved in a tackle with a defender, it was noticed that, the defender did not severely tackle him yet the extent of the injury was career ending, in fact a bone got broken and protruded from the skin

What is being investigated is how the modern blades have an impac เว็บแทงบอลปลอดภัย ufabet  t in all of these especially when one is playing on the modern turf, they are stronger than what was used before hence does not get disrupted by the impact of the blades which might be the main reason for this career ending injuries.

For stability on the ground while playing it is good to use the traditional circular stud, because they are more stable and firm on any ground, but because most players love to run with speed, they mostly prefer the bladed designs.

The players are not aware of the effect of the type of boots they are wearing have on their stability on the field, they are only allowed to choose any boot from their footwear sponsor without any advice.

Different professional companies have come up with designs that involve a combination of the circular studs with the blades without necessarily doing research on their impact in the playing field.

Nike a shoe manufacturing company has decide to create different designs according to their own research, the boots that they have made contain different designs depending on what the players prefer where stability is ensured as speed is guaranteed allowing room for adverse impacts creating less chances of getting career ending injuries.